Thoughts: Leo Dicaprio Gets His Groove On At Coachella!

Ok so…this weekend I was at the wonderful festival you MAY have heard a thing or two about called…COACHELLA! It was warm, fun and filled with people who were ready to bring their A game…

Hilarious Photoshopped Celebs!

Ok so sometimes I come up with the most random ideas thanks to Tumblr. I came across a HILARIOUS photo of a celebrity with their teeth photoshopped out. I nearly spit my drink out onto my laptop. It made me think hmm…I wonder how many more of these I can find? SO I decided to… More »

The Best Unseen Mistakes In Movies

So I started this gallery off with my all time favorite movie, Titanic. Since it was such a HUGE hit I decided to make it an ongoing gallery of different unseen movie mistakes, so be sure to scroll all the way through the gallery! This week’s feature is all the unseen mistakes in the movie… More »

The Evolution Of Leonardo DiCaprio

Unless you have been living on another planet, you are probably able to say you have seen at least a handful of Leonardo DiCaprio movies over the years. He is an actor that is constantly coming out with incredible movies that make history like Titanic, Romeo And Juliet and more recently Inception! I started looking… More »

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