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#FBF Celebs Supporting Feminism & Equal Rights

It’s officially Inauguration Day, so let’s get a tad political, shall we? On this wild and crazy and soon to be incredibly historic day, let’s reflect on a few issues that mean a lot to us and to plenty of our favorite celebrities. That’s right, we’re talking feminism and equal rights. With the Women’s March in… More »

ICYMI: First Official Trailer For Girls Season 6 Is Out

If you’ve been a fan of HBO’s smash hit, Girls, you’re just as sad as us that we’ll be diving into the sixth and final season of the show Feb. 12. Season five left us with Hannah and her estranged relationship with Adam and Jessa, Marnie hooking up with Ray, Shoshana coming back to NYC, and… More »

12 Signs You’re A Long Lost Member Of Taylor Swift’s Squad

It’s become pretty obvious that Taylor Swift‘s squad is rock solid and isn’t going to disband anytime soon. The A-list clique is packed with every kind of star you can imagine…from Lena Dunham to Selena Gomez, Karlie Kloss and Zendaya, every babe has that certain something that makes the group work like a well oiled… More »

Hot Or Not: Lena Dunham’s Pixie Cut

I kind of worship Lena Dunham for creating GIRLS (which is my reason to live for Sunday nights), but on the real, I’m not a huge fan of her style. Sure she’s a risk taker…

Valfre ❤ Clothing & Accessories for Powerful Girls!

Want a tee with the sass of Emma Roberts mixed with the laid back style of Lena Dunham? I’ve found it in Valfre! This is my new favorite brand- full of cute tees, accessories, & fierce tote bags. The line’s designer, Ilse Valfre, was recently highlighted in Jeffrey Campbell’s “Girl Crush”, featured on MTV. So… More »

Who Wore It Better: Miley vs. Lena vs. Gwyneth

There’s nothing quite like a classic Valentino design. That’s why it’s not surprising that three stars with three very different styles, have all worn the same black and white jumpsuit by the brand.

Stars Who Had Miley’s Haircut First

When Miley Cyrus chopped off her hair and bleached it blonde, it was huge news. It certainly was a departure from the starlet’s old look. Recently Miley tweeted about how she started a trend with her new ‘do, saying “do u know how many bitches walking round with my hurrrr cut? if it was inspired… More »

Don’t Get Pinched: Celebs In Iconic Green Looks

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, here are some of the most iconic green looks in fashion throughout the years. From mint to emerald, check out these memorable style moments that celebrate the luck o’ the Irish.

Style Profile: Lena Dunham

Sometimes when I am sitting on my couch eating Flamin Hot Cheetos dipped in sour cream as dinner and Tweeting my innermost musings on life, I momentarily think that I am in fact the voice of my generation. Then I look up and watch part of the Girls episode I am watching for the fifth… More »

Real GIRLS Have Curves: Lena Dunham For ASOS

I love me some Lena Dunham and am ALWAYS excited to see her in clothes that live up to her overachieving “voice of a generation” brain. Not only does she seem to sum up my life into witty, Brooklyn-y words, but then she goes ahead and gets a mo’ fuggin obscure Grey Gardens tattoo (comment… More »

Girl Crush

As much as we love the men of Hump Day Hottie, we can’t help but feel like we need to also include some of the ladies we know and absolutely adore. You know, the ones we wish we could be and can’t help but oogle over and we could be their besties. Here are some… More »

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