Happy Birthday Frank Iero!

Today, October 31, My Chemical Romance’s rhythm-guitarist Frank Iero hits the big 3-0! That’s right, this Halloween Frank finally hits 30 years old, and when you look back on…

LeATHERMOUTH Video Premiere

Frank Iero‘s all over the intertubes this week.  Not only did his OTHER band premier their new video, but LeATHERMOUTH has debuted their first official music video!

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LeATHERMOUTH’s XO Streaming On Myspace

Can’t wait until next week to hear LeTHERMOUTH‘s debut album, XO?

Then pay attention, because I’ve got good news!  XO is currently streaming on the


If you know anything about Frank Iero, you’ll know that he loves the state of New Jersey.  So it’s fitting that Iero’s band, LeATHERMOUTH, is celebrating the release of…

New LeATHERMOUTH Streaming on MySpace!

Can’t wait for LeATHERMOUTH‘s debut album, XO?  Well, keep in mind, you don’t have to wait long, it releases on January 27th.  But if you’d still like a little preview,

Want to Step into Frank Iero’s Shoes?

It looks like Frank Iero is getting ready for a busy 2009.

Not that he was exactly slacking in 2008.  Between touring with My Chemical Romance early in the year

LeATHERMOUTH Announces CD Title and Track Listing

A few months back, we found out LeATHERMOUTH had signed with Epitaph records and was planning their debut album for a January 2009 release.  And sure enough, the <span style="font-weight:

Ew, Frank Iero. Ew.

So, a few days ago, Frank Iero talked to MTV.com about Leathermouth and their upcoming debut album.  And he talked about a lot of things: how the band is…

Frank Iero Warns My Chem Fans That Leathermouth is a Different Band. Duh.

Frank Iero‘s band Leathermouth has been crazy busy during My Chemical Romance‘s recent hiatus.  Between opening for Reggie and the Full Effect <a

LeATHERMOUTH to Epitaph: Debut Album in Early 2009

Recent stirrings had indicated that LeATHERMOUTH had been in talks with a record company who’s named rhymed with “smepitaph.” 

And now it’s official: LeATHERMOUTH has signed on with Epitaph records and

Leathermouth “Catch Me if You Can” ft. Ray Toro

Frank Iero gets his friend (and a guitarist from that OTHER band they’re in together) Ray Toro onstage to play guitar at a Leathermouth gig.

Newageamazon gets “the Full Effect” @ Diesel 9/05/08

There is always something to be said for new experiences.

And me?  I’m a girl who enjoys new experiences for the most part.  Especially musically.  I might not fall head over heels in love with a…

Reggie and the Full Effect with MC Chris and Leathermouth @ Diesel 9/5/08

The lighting in this place sucks, and I didn’t really have a good vantage point, but I did what I could! No matter what, the show was AWESOME.

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