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Survive The Craze: Black Friday Playlist

For those of you who plan on waiting outside your local Best Buys and malls whispering “open, open open” on Black Friday, here is a playlist that will keep…

Coachella Playlist Weekend 2: Day 3

Here we go, the grand finale! By now I am in my VW Beetle with Kate on our way to Coachella singing along to this playlist, so anxious to see all these…

Question of the Day: What Songs Are On Your Pre-Party Playlist?

Do you all do that thing where you blast music as you get ready to go out or is that just me? Like, let’s say you have somewhere to be and you need to make…

Major Lazer/La Roux Mixtape

Dancehall fusion duo Switch and Diplo of Major Lazer have teamed up with electro-pop darling La Roux for a new mixtape titled Lazerproof. The record features cameos from Amanda Blank

Vs: Eight Track Tape Day Edition

Sunday, April 11th is National 8 Track Tape Day. In the history of ancient music listening devices, it falls somewhere between vinyl and cassette tapes. To make this relevant to your interests, we’ve took some modern album covers back in time. Choose retro or modern!

2010 NME Award Winners

This year’s Shockwaves NME Awards were held at Brixton Academy in London. Muse, Paramore and Lily Allen were among the proud recipients. So were The Jonas Brothers, just, uh, in a different way. [cut=Let’s see…

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