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Merry Christmas from the Laurita/Manzo clan!

Here is a video I put together from Christmas Eve at my Aunt Caroline’s house. My favorite part is the end with my little brother Nicholas and my Dad. I’m so happy that it ended up snowing on Christmas Eve! Eeeep! 🙂 What did you do for the Holidays?

An Inside Look To Blaqk Audio’s New Year’s Eve!

Has anyone been missing Davey Havok and Jade Puget as much as us?! The guys have been working hard on their side project, Blaqk Audio, and I was super stoked to be front row for a performance at an AMAZING New Year’s Eve party in Beverly Hills, thrown by Anaheim Angel’s pitcher, C.J. Wilson and… More »

Veni Vidi Vici

I got another tattoo yesterday <3 It says ‘Veni Vidi Vici’ which means “I came I saw I conquered” in Italian. I LOVE what this tattoo means to me. I got it done at High Voltage aka LA Ink. Here are a few pics xx

Kat Von D’s ‘LA Ink’ CANNED!

Poor Kat Von D! It doesn’t seem like it’s her year. First the breakup with Jesse James, then the beef with the Good Day LA crew and now…

Kat Von D

I drew this free hand today….because who doesn’t love her? Please acknowledge me if you want to re-post, thanks!

Dita Von Teese, Kat Von D, It’s All The Same.

Except not really. It’s not all the same, but whenever I think of Dita Von Teese, I think of Kat Von D and vice versa. Probably because both can pull off the blood-red lipstick thing.…

I Can’t Stop Listening to the Halos EP. I’m Addicted!!!! Also, Saw Kat Von D — She’s Tall!!

I should be sleeping right now, but instead I’m drinking sparkling water, eating a handful of Special K Fruit and Yogurt Cereal (Yum Yum Yum) and listening to the Halos

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