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Best Dressed – SAG Awards Red Carpet

It was a Sunday in January, so all your fave celebs hit the red carpet once again in hopes of receiving another shiny trophy. At the Screen Actor’s Guild Awards last night, attendees moved away from the all black #timesup movement color palette, but the message was still heard loud and clear with a female host… More »

#FBF Veronica Mars

In 2004, Veronica Mars premiered on UPN. I bet you haven’t thought about that network in awhile, amirite? This amazing teenage spy show was the bomb and introduced the world to the ever-adorable and insanely talented Kristen Bell. Sadly, this show hit the scene at a weird time, and after two seasons, UPN merged with… More »

Golden Globes Red Carpet Recap

Awards season is finally here! Last night, all our fave celebrities worked the red carpet looking totally glam for the Golden Globes. This awards show is always a hoot, probably because everyone’s boozing it up non-stop. If you’re still dancing in your bedroom pretending you’re in La La Land and wiping away tears after Meryl… More »

Summer Buzzin – 50 Celebs Hairstyles I Love

I always admire celebs on the red carpet, especially the female ones, looking at their amazing outfits, perfect makeup and wonderful hairstyles. So I thought to create this little gallery with fifty of my favorite hairstyles ever picked from the celebs I love. Let you inspired and probably you can have some inspirations for future… More »

Sassy Celebrity Summer Hair

Summer is in full swing and one thing that makes the season feel complete is head of fabulous hair to tossl around and experiment with fun summer styles. Whether it’s a ponytail, braids or just letting it hang, there’s no denying that celebrites seem to do it best! Check out how these sassy summer starlets… More »

Why Weren’t We Invited to Kristen Bell’s Epic ‘Hunger Games’ Themed 30th Birthday?

Okay, I admit it.  Despite not wanting to, I’ve been completely sucked into the Hunger Games mania. 

But at least I feel like I’m in good company.

For example: Actress Kristin Bell who admitted in a <a…

The Easiest Updos Ever

Different styles for different people… How many times have you seen a photo of your fav actress and have you tried to re-create the same look?

InStyle has choose 5 icons for help you in the…

“When In Rome” Music Trailer

This movie starring Kristen Bell comes out on January 29th–see what it’s about accompanied by the music of 3OH!3 ft. Katy Perry. Would you go see this? I kind of love Kristen Bell, so I definitely would.

The Rescue: Are You Abducting Yourself?

Who: Pete Wentz, Joel Madden, Kristen Bell, Kirsten Dunst and THOUSANDS of other people. Maybe you?

What: Participants are to ‘abduct themselves for the abducted.’  Tens of thousands of people will travel by foot to a

Liveblogging the 2008 Scream Awards Telecast on Spike TV

Tonight is the telecast of 2008 Scream Awards on Spike TV and I’ll be here live blogging the whole thing starting at 9PM EST.  Come join me on the intertubes as they air performances by…

Kristen Bell: Ex-detective, new Hero.

Good news for Veronica Mars fans! (No, the show is not coming back. I said good news, not FANTASTIC news). Kristen…

Caption This: Kristen Bell @ Superbad Premiere


Kristen Bell @ Comic Con

Dressed down, but still looks nice. Mannnn, I really miss Veronica Mars.

Kristen Bell @ Comic Con

Credit: Getty Images Entertainment

Kristen Bell @ Comic Con

Credit: Getty Images Entertainment

Kristen Bell @ Comic Con

Hi Veronica Mars! I love your show!

Gossip Girl sneak peek

The CW’s new show, narrated by Kristen Bell. It’s like… The OC + sex & the city + celebrity blogging + hot guys + good music (hear the Young Love?!). Seems like TV that’ll be so bad it’s good. And you know I’m not opposed to that. Haha.

Well Played: Kristen Bell

We have fugged Kristen Bell a lot. So this is going to be a refreshing change: Heather and I saw a fair amount of La Bell when we were at Fashion Week, and it seems… from

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