Anna Kendrick Secures Her Position As My Favorite Person With This K-Pop Music Video

Oh Anna Kendrick, how I love thee. If her Oscar nomination and suprisingly charming performance in Pitch Perfect wasn’t enough for you…then how about this K-POP MUSIC…

5 Outfits To Release Your Inner ‘Gangnam Style!’

There’s NO denying how catchy (and just how refreshing) this song makes you feel. We’re not talking about just some regular pop music, it’s some psychedelic stuff here. Unless you’ve been living under the rock the past couple of months , you and your friends already know the addictive melody and yes, the constant pelvic… More »

Look East: Los Angeles’ First Korean Film Festival

From taekwondo to Korean BBQ to K-pop, Korean culture has most definitely assimilated into our American pop culture, especially in the melting pot that is Los…

PREMIERE: The Wonder Girls ‘The DJ is Mine’

K-Pop has arrived on Buzznet! You might know them from opening more than 50 North American shows for the Jonas Brothers and supporting Justin Bieber–but today The Wonder Girls premiere a new…

Jpop & Kpop Stars and their Celebrity Dopplegangers

I traveled to the far edges of Asia to take a look at some of the most popular Japanese and Korean pop and rock artists and their celebrity American doppelgangers. Who’s your celeb doppelganger?

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