14 Ways To Spread The Love This Month

It’s February so you know what that means: Valentine’s Day. But just because V-Day is usually known for romance, doesn’t mean you can’t spread the love in other ways that are just as meaningful. Whether you’re single or in a relationship, love is a crucial element to any living thing. Here are some ways to… More »

Random Acts Of Kindness To Restore Your Faith In Humanity

Lately the headlines in the news have only shown tragedy, despair, and a lot of other bad juju. Fortunately there’s still a helluva a lot of good in the world that deserves a little attention for giving us the feel good fuzzies. These 50 acts of kindness throughout the world should put a smile on your… More »

What To Remember When You Feel Like An Alien In Your Industry

When I first started writing about music in 2012 right here on Buzznet, I was rather clueless as to what I was doing. I knew I wanted to write. I knew I had it in me to write about music considering it’s been all I’ve thought about since I was 7 years-old. I’ve always been… More »

5 Simple Ways To Spread Kindness

With the tragic events that have occurred over this past weekend in Orlando, it may feel as if there are no safe havens anymore and that humanity and simple acts of kindness are a foreign concept. We’re all about spreading positive vibes here at Buzznet and we want everyone to be their best selves no… More »

7 Reasons Why You Really Should GAF

The art of not caring has been around for as long as we can remember but as a new generation takes hold of the term, I can’t help but notice how much people are actually taking it seriously. Sure, some of us say we don’t care about certain things, but deep down we know we… More »

Thought Blog: Make The Homeless Smile

Hey guys,

As you know, Youtube is a good way to post all the things you love or do for the world to see…also it’s known for making things go viral.

I mean…we all know the “Harlem…

WATCH New Music Videos From Phillip Phillips, Kindness, Freelance Whales and More

If you’ve been too busy glued to your TV watching the Olympics, you’ve probably missed out on some of this week’s hottest music video premieres. Team GB offered up some melancholic vibes from indie…

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