What To Remember When You Feel Like An Alien In Your Industry

When I first started writing about music in 2012 right here on Buzznet, I was rather clueless as to what I was doing. I knew I wanted to write. I knew I had it in me to write about music considering it’s been all I’ve thought about since I was 7 years-old. I’ve always been… More »

Is Professionalism Dead?

As a 21 year old lady trying to gently push her way ( more like tap on the shoulder) through her dream career with as much…

These GIFs Will Cure Your Case Of The Mondays!

It looks like somebody’s got a case of the Monday’s! I’m feeling like I have the Monday Blues aka the “Try Not To Tear Your Hair Out’s”. It’s been one of those days…. so I…

QOTD – Do You Have Any Crazy Quitting Stories?

In light of recent events on the internet, the QOTD involves crazy “I QUIT!” stories. The suggestion today comes from Aviva, Queen of Editing stuff on Buzznet. Yay!

If you haven’t seen these stories, feast…

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