I Reunited With My Jonas Family+ Friends To Play Soccer For Charity!

Saturday I got to rejoin with my tour family and be apart of a soccer rivalry game that started when we were on tour almost 4 years ago in South America! So crazy how time flies. Bilbo Real, and AC United joined the field at LA Galaxy to play for a good cause, Change For… More »

The Boys Of Honor Society Need Your Help!

The very talented boys of Honor Society are on a quest, a quest for “Overnight Success.”

I am sure you’re thinking…”Well what…

Nick Jonas Turns 20: Buzznet Birthday Extravaganza!

Happy 20th Birthday Nick Jonas!!

It’s September 16th, which means Nick, the youngest of the muscial Jonas trio, turns 20 today!

Although Nick is no…

Exclusive Tour of the “Jonas” Set

You know, between the JoBros, The Princess Diaries and The Real World, one can really develop a lifelong dream to live in a refurbished firehouse. Know what I mean?

Kevin, Nick and Joe Jonas took Buzznet

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