BUZZNET Exclusive: Behind The Scenes With Tori Kelly

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Tori Kelly is currently on tour and hard at work on new music. Today we have a brand new behind the scenes video of her life to get…

Deck Out Your Wardrobe With Embellished Clothes!

Thanks to bloggers everywhere DIYing those Dolce & Gabanna embellished flower glasses (yowza!), it certainly makes wearing embellished clothes a lot more fun. From embellished Doc Martens to hair accessories, it’s fun to feel bedazzled by all those jewels and rhinestones even if you’re no longer a kid! Check out some of these embellished wear… More »

Meaning’s Mutate, Plastic Doesn’t

It’s been 10 years since Aqua’s hit “Barbie Girl” exploded in the US.  It was their only really successful song here in the states(though they did release at least one…

Punk’d is over.

After 8 seasons, Ashton Kutcher is putting Punk’d to rest. The finale will air on April 10th, featuring Hilary Swank, Jewel, Magic Johnson & Nelly Furtado. Or is he just punking his audience? KPTV reports…

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