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Wednesday Buzz 5/16

Anna Nicole Smith is haunting Willa Ford? (seriouslyomg)

Sanjaya hangs with the drag queens. (POTP)

Jessica Alba is so cute. (tralala)

Kfed is just too boring for reality tv! Ha. (The Bosh)

Jessica Biel Says It’s Hard Being Sexy

Girl, tell me about it. Seriously, though, don’t. It will just annoy me. The Bielster is complaining that her sexiness is getting in the way of her acquiring the film roles that she’d really like to sink her teeth into. Put on some glasses and braces. That usually worked in…from

Justin Timberlake Makes Out with Jessica Biel

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel were seen kissing at a Malibu party last week. The couple arrived at a friend’s birthday party holding hands on April 6. A source told Us Weekly magazine: “If Jessica was talking to a group of girls, Justin would come over, kiss her neck and start making out with… from… More »

Doggy Style with Jessica Biel

Filed under: Paparazzi Photo, Hot It’s nice when dog owners are responsible and clean up after their pets. It’s even nicer when it’s Jessica Biel doing the dirty work. The bootylicious star and her… from

Jessica Biel and Derek Jeter on the Beach

Yankees star Derek Jeter and actress Jessica Biel on the beach in Puerto Rico.Ahhh.. now this explains why she was always working out in paparazzi shots.She got a nice booty. See more pics here. from

Jessica Biel Hides Her Assets

Jessica Biel plays it cute at the world premiere of “Home of the Brave” (12/05/06).Derek Jeter had a piece of this. from

Going Public

There had been some whispers that the bootylicious Jessica Biel was dating baseballer Derek Jeter, but the pair went public with their love this past weekend in Las Vegas. The couple were spotted kissing at club… from

What Went Wrong???

No, that’s not Jessica Biel and her lesbian lover. That lovely lady on the right is Lindsay Ratowsky, the former ASSistant of Lindsay Lohan. Sources tell that Ratowsky quit working with Lohan because she couldn’t take… from

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