Buzznet Breakdown: June 30, 2013

Happy Sunday everyone! It’s time for our rundown of last week in this weeks Buzznet Breakdown. Here are our top 10 posts from staff, Buzzmakers, and users! As always, don’t forget to check back…

People We Love Who Love Equality

As many of you may know something really great happened today, go team #equality HERE!!!

In honor of that I decided to make a blog…

Youtube Evolution Of: The Summer Set


Here we meet again on a lovely Friday, hope everyone had an amazing week! This week’s Youtube Evolution is going to be on The Summer Set in honor of the success…

BUZZNET EXCLUSIVE: The Summer Set Premiere New Song ‘Someday’

We’re just under a week away from the release of The Summer Set’s new album Legendary. Here at Buzznet we have grown to love and adore the band, but we can promise you this new album is leagues beyond anything these Arizona natives have released before. To get fans amped up for the April 16th… More »

The Summer Set Are On The RISE

Yesterday one of our All-Stars here on Buzznet, The Summer Set announced they’re part of this year’s Macy’s iHeartRadio Rising Star Contest! Legen, wait for it — dary! #musicrules. 

BUZZNET Exclusive: The Summer Set’s Taco Bell Taste Test & More (VIDEO)

The Summer Set absolutely loves Taco Bell — and Buzznet adores Taco Bell; so it was only natural we all team up to test the new mouth-watering products at Taco…

BUZZNET Exclusive: Brian’s Top 5 Favorite Things About Jess Bowen

In celebration of my sister, band mate & The Summer Set drummer extraordinaire Jess Bowen’s birthday, I wanted to give you a little inside scoop to my 5 favorite things about her! Take a look at the gallery and leave Jess some birthday loving! HAPPY BIRTHDAY JURASSICA!

Why We Love Jess Bowen Of The Summer Set

I just love a fun, talented girl who follows her dream with a big smile on her face. Jess Bowen of The Summer Set is EXACTLY that kind of girl and I just love her for it! Jess keeps her band filled with boys in time as she drums her little heart out. And if… More »

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