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Jeffree Star Drops New Video In Defense Of Kat Von D’s Accusations

It’s not even a surprise that the Kat Von D and Jeffree Star drama wages on. After Kat released a video two days ago accusing Jeffree of not paying artist BJ Betts for work he did for his make-up packaging, and letting fans know she was no longer going to associate herself with him, the… More »

Jeffree Star Fires Back At Kat Von D On Twitter To Set The Rumor Record Straight

Yesterday was a whirlwind with news of Kat Von D publicly ending her friendship with Jeffree Star. The make-up mogul/reality star/tattoo master not only posted the news to Facebook and Twitter, but also dropped a personal video to explain her decision to disassociate herself from Jeffree and his brand. Jeffree responded with a promise to… More »

WATCH: Kat Von D Posts Video Explaining Her Friend Break With Jeffree Star

Earlier today we posted about Kat Von D and Jeffree Star ending their friendship in a series of posts on Facebook and Twitter. If you recall, it all started with Kat posting to her Facebook page, explaining that she no longer was associating herself with Jeffree or his brand. She noted that she would be… More »

Jeffree Star And Kat Von D Publicly End Their Friendship

Here at Buzznet, we’ve been long time fans of Jeffree Star and Kat Von D. Both leading wildly successful make-up lines, and being best friends for years seemed like a lock on their tight bond. Well it appears the tightest bonds are capable of being broken, after the now former friends took to Facebook and Twitter to… More »

Buzz Bites: Jeffree Star Basically Shaded Kylie Jenner Again Without Even Saying Her Name

Hey Thursday! We’re so close to the weekend, so let’s see what’s buzzing online! Jeffree Star took to Twitter to vent his feelings about influencers trying to jump in on the make up  game. He never mentioned her name, but his message to Kylie Jenner was easy to read between the lines. I don’t give a… More »

Buzz Bites: Jeffree Star Reveals Surprise Eyeshadow Palette!

Hey Tuesday! The Internet is humming with news…so let’s get to it! Jeffree Star has revealed a new eye shadow palette! Ugh…WANT. NEED. Watch the video from Jeffree below for all the deets! Harry Styles sent Directioners into a tizzy by chopping off all his hair, and now we’ve got our first glimpse! World exclusive… More »

Buzz Bites: Cody Simpson Opens Up About His Feelings For Gigi Hadid

Hello Thursday! One more day until we can all scream TGIF! So let’s kick off the latter part of the week with the latest being talked about online. Even though she’s on a reality show with her fam, Keeping Up With The Kardashians is not Kylie Jenner‘s favorite TV show. It’s Pretty Littler Liars. Taylor… More »

Artist Spotlight: Mila J On Tour With Ty Dolla $ign!

The LA-based American singer, songwriter, rapper, and dancer Jamila Akiko “Mila J” Chilombo, 30, has just released her debut video, “Smoke, Drink, Break-Up” that showcases her flawless beauty and talented moves. Known most for being in Prince‘s video for “Diamonds and Pearls,” as well as being Jhene Aiko‘s big sister, Mila J is determined more… More »

Youtube Evolution Of: Jeffree Star

TGIF! That means it’s time for a Youtube Evolution! 

This week’s evolution is on one of our longtime Buzzmakers, Jeffree Star, who I am sure you all know of and love. Stay tuned for…

Dancing In The New It Boys! MV With Jeffree Star + Lacey Schwimmer

Reblogged from Keltie Colleen

A few months ago my dancing friend Lacey Schwimmer asked if I would help her out and dance in the new music video for the It…

Jeffree Star is in Ke$ha’s Video, “Take It Off” (K$ n’ Friends version)

Heyyy… someone we know is at the 2:11 mark. His name rhymes with Schmeffree Schmar


(Nic Cage as Jeffree Star)

The actor that most speaks to our generation, the venerable Nicolas Cage, has inspired the blog to end all blogs. I present to you Nic Cage As Everyone,…

// Get Physical // Bill Kaulitz

I’ve worked really really hard for this video… I tried to do my best for rend it more sexy possible… even though Bill is so so sexy!!! but i stayed focus about the beat of the music and i tried to create the effects with it! I’ve been inspired by my friend Celine, that used… More »

eBay life.

hey guys, I just listed some stuff on eBay that you might want.. including the pair of pink sunglasses I bought from Hanna Beth, and a Hello…

Most Fierce Fashionista

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pinata partyyyyyyy

tons more pics coming later today….

hanging @ the pinata party in west hollywood

the pinata party was great. it was so fun getting to hang with all the winners. they were all sweet hearts. my mom, jeffree & daniel came to the party too.. video should be up soon! xxoo what is your friday night plan?

Jeffree Star Rap

hahaha.. what fun we had today =D

The Many Looks of Jeffree Star

Jeffree Federline

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