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The Dude Still Abides: ‘The Big Lebowski’ Reunion… PLUS GIF PARTY!

Little Lebowski Urban Achievers everywhere were thrilled to see the cast of their all-time favorite film, The Big Lebowski get back together last night for a reunion at the NYC <a…

Catch a Wave (Via Your DVD Player)

So, in case today’s ads on Buzznet haven’t tipped you off, Blue Crush 2 releases on DVD today.  And honestly, I am PSYCHED.  And not just because one of my favorite bands is all…

15 Of The Dopest Movie Stoners

As one of the two most memorable dates in April (the other being April Fools’ Day), April 20th – aka 4/20 -is a big deal to some folks. And while we at Buzznet like to keep things drug-free, movies seem to tell another story; there are a plethora of flicks that feature stoners, mainly as… More »

Hollywood’s Biggest Stars Reenact Classic Disney Films!

Disney has created live-action reenactments of classics using some of Hollywood’s biggest stars.  This series is part of the Dream Portrait Ads by photographer Annie Leibovitz. They include Olivia Wilde as the Evil Queen and…

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