Bamboozle Red Bull Artists Lounge Party Pics

So we all know Bamboozle is about the live music, but what are your favorite artists doing when they are not performing? Well this year Red Bull set up a swanky lounge for people to hang, get a massage and mingle! The lounge was complete with massages, seating, Xbox games, dome hockey, catered food, movies,… More »

The Jac Vanek Collection

A few weeks ago I did a photo shoot from Jac Vanek’s collection! I love all of her clothes, super comfy! The vintage pieces are my favorite, I mean who doesn’t want to wear a flannel that says “I Hate Everyone”?? The shoot was shot by Claire Oring, Nicole Buckley styled and I did my… More »


I am proud to say that almost every single one of my friends were blessed with the ability to dress well. They all have such a unique and strong sense of style. I use them as inspiration for my own style a lot. Check out a few pics of my friends to see what I’m… More »

Jac Vanek & Jessi’s Birthday Weekend

This past weekend my friend’s Jessi and Jac both turned 24!! To celebrate we went out to Villains Tavern in Downtown LA.. the night was filled with an incredible live blues band and tons of dancing to go along with it.. The celebration continued until sunday day with a luau theme party! Check out a… More »

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