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Gabbie Brown’s Best Interviews Of 2012

So sad to see this year come to an end. If I ever write a book, I will make sure this whirlwind of a year will be included. You guys know how much I enjoy talking music with artist and bands, they literally bring out the best in me. BUZZNET has given me so many… More »

‘Start The Party’ with It Boys and An Allstar Crew!

Our favorite It Boy’s just released their new music for ‘Start The Party’ featuring Breathe Carolina’s David! Of course we could expect nothing less than an allstar lineup! From Jack Barakat to Ryan…

Buzznet Exclusive: 18 Years Of Warped Tour With It Boys!

Can you believe Warped Tour is 18 years old? How they grow up so fast! To commemorate the occasion we wanted to chat with some of our favorite artists to reflect back on their memories and find…

It Boys Talk Warped Tour, Burning Up and More!

I headed out to the Blackout Forever Tour to interview the good looking guys of It Boys. 12 minutes of questions that will sure make you laugh! Remember, the answer is always It Boy Duck!


Dancing In The New It Boys! MV With Jeffree Star + Lacey Schwimmer

Reblogged from Keltie Colleen

A few months ago my dancing friend Lacey Schwimmer asked if I would help her out and dance in the new music video for the It…

Warped Tour Announces Seven More Bands to 2012 Lineup

Slowly but surly the Vans Warped Tour lineup for 2012 is coming in, and today seven more acts were announced. 

The Ghost Inside, <a href=""…

John Cusack

He’s not really a boy anymore, but he’s been in some of my all time favorite movies and will eternally be one of my biggest crushes:


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