EXCLUSIVE: You Me At Six Share New Album Details Part 1

Check out part one of our new interview with You Me…

WATCH: Zendaya Spills Album Secrets and More!

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Zendaya is one of the most driven, prepared and mature young artists we have had the pleasure of having in our studio. This charming 17-year-old pop star has…

Barbara Walters Threw Katy Perry Shade?

Katy Perry has arguably the most highly anticipated albums of the fall. PRISM, is the follow up to KP’s record breaking Teenage Dream and with the success of the album’s lead single, “Roar&rdquo…

Group Texting With The Swellers & Candy Hearts

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This fall The Swellers & Candy Hearts are both heading out on tour — and they’re even playing…

Group Texting With The Swellers & Candy Hearts

This fall The Swellers & Candy Hearts are both heading out on tour — and they’re even playing a few shows together! I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to talk to…

INTERVIEW: Last Questions With Jesse McCartney

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Jesse McCartney has been making music for years as a solo artist and as an accomplished songwriter. We had him stop by recently to let us…

INTERVIEW: Who In The Band With ‘Tonight Alive’ Part 2

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Tonight Alive have a brand new record out, 

EXCLUSIVE: Tonight Alive On Their New Album ‘The Other Side’ Part 2

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Tonight Alive are ready to release their new album, 

EXCLUSIVE: Thirty Seconds To Mars ‘From The Fans’ Interview

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Right after thier big VMA win, Thirty Seconds To Mars stopped by our New York studio to answer your fan questions. Take a look and see if they…

EXCLUSIVE: Tonight Alive On Their New Album ‘The Other Side’ Part 1

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Tonight Alive are ready to release their new album, The Other Side on September 10th. The new 12-track album represents a lot for this…

Tonight Alive And More Share What They Were Like In High School

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August has come to an end … that that means most of you are back in the classroom. To help ease the pain, here’s…

Last Questions With David Hudson

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David Hudson stopped by our studio a few weeks ago so we could get to know this new artist a little bit better. Let’s find out what he…

EXCLUSIVE: JC Chasez On Old NSYNC Demos, Ryan Gosling & Girl Radical

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JC Chasez has put his pop star experience to use and started a new girl group Girl Radical. The 11-army group is a new idea in…

Brian Logan Dales Describes His Fans In One Word

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I caught…

EXCLUSIVE: DJay Brawner On Directing William Beckett’s ‘Benny And Joon’ Video

Yesterday, the talented and handsome William Beckett premiered a new music video for his latest perfectly pop single, “Benny And Joon.” The new video has everything you could want from a Beckett feature…

Brian Logan Dales Would Choose His Twitter Followers Over What?!

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Once again I caught up with Brian Logan Dales of 

Warped Tour 2013: From The Bands Interview

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At Warped Tour this year we decided to leave the question asking to the bands. Take a look at this interview featuring blessthefallBrian Logan DalesThe Wonder…

Tonight Alive Play ‘The Bandmates Game’ At Warped Tour

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Enjoy this fun interivew with Tonight Alive playing “The Bandmates Game” with us…

Go Radio Play The Bandmates Game At Warped Tour

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Enjoy this fun interivew with Go Radio 

The Wonder Years Play Throw Them Under The Bus At Warped Tour

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Enjoy this fun interivew with The Wonder Years playing “Throw Them Under The Bus” with us at this year’s Warped Tour. Stay tuned for more interviews.

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