Stars Reveal Their Fashion Crushes And Style Influences

When you feel like your wardrobe needs a pick-me-up or a straight up overhaul, where do you look for inspiration? Often, we turn to our favorite celebs, who always look impossibly put together like it’s second nature. Sometimes stars are naturally stylish or they have personal stylists to help. But many times they look to… More »

Madonna Inspired By Britney’s Music For Her New Song

Is Britney influencing Madonna’s new music?

Check out Madonna’s new leaked single, titled Gimme More All Your Love, off her new album. Brit fans are saying it sounds…

Amoeba Adventures: Lola Blanc Shares Influential Records

Hey guys! Buzznet and I recently took a trip to Amoeba Records in Hollywood, where I picked out some records that are important to me! Take a look at my picks and let me know…

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