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Bear Attack Debuts Music Video For ‘The Backpack Song’

Bear Attack released its official music video for its single “The Backpack Song” today in all of its earthy goodness.

Between a hike through the wilderness, pretty crystals and a waterfall, it makes you…

Top 3: Two Door Cinema Club’s ‘Beacon’

After two years of dancing around my room to Two Door Cinema Club’s Tourist Club, released in 2010, I finally have some new jams to indulge myself with.

The band’s new album, Beacon was released just…

Monsters Calling Home

Live Music VideoArtist: Monsters Calling HomeSong: “Monsters Calling Home” Chills. Whether it’s a live performance or a song from MCH’s EP, I feel chills. The music and lyrics of “Monsters Calling Home” are both haunting and inspiring as it openly speaks about the struggle people feel as they are “digging for worth in a land… More »

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