Emerging Talent: Electronic Rainbow

Wow, I found the best illustations by Electronic Rainbow from Germany. She is so talented artist. I love her art. What do you think about her style? Do you want to see more her illustrations?? Check out her deviantART: HERE

Anders Holm Of Workaholics Releases Comic Book

So excited to present this new comic book my very good friend and co-worker John Lawlor aka “Alter” just put out that he illustrated. He is super talented and congratulate him on…

Sleeping With Sirens Release ‘Dead Walker Texas Ranger’ For Halloween!

Halloween is a little more than a week away and with perfect timing, Sleeping With Sirens has released a single, “Dead Walker Texas Ranger,” to spook us.

Whether you plan on going trick-or-treating (you’re…

Obsessed: Natalia Grosner Fashion Week Illustrations

I’m obsessing over these amazing Fashion Week illustrations by artist Natalia Grosner. Which one is your favorite? Images via Trendland

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