The Evolution of Davey Havok

You guys, AFI is my favorite band of all time. My obsession is best explained as a teenage phase that never ended…for the past six years. After countless hours on the official AFI messageboard, $30 in fan club dues (excuse me, Despair Faction), nine live shows in six cities, supporting band members’ obscure side projects… More »

CAPTION THIS: Fag Hag Barbie!

Imagine all the fun you can have with your Cher Barbie! Dress it up in a crotchless awards show dress, re-enact your favorite scenes from Moonstruck (ex.: Slap Ken’s face and “Snap out of it!”), play your imaginary dildo flute down Greenwich Avenue and marvel as the entire neighborhood follows… from

Jason Wahler is so hard core.

Us Magazine has some disconcerting shots of The Hills/Laguna Beach has-been Jason Wahler… playing Russian Roulette:

The pictures, which were…

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