FAN ACTION: #VEVOCertified Christina Aguilera’s Lady Marmalade, Hurt & Candyman Music Videos

Hey my lovely Buzzneters, I need your help once again. And this time for another blondie, I’m talking about Christina Aguilera.

I already asked your help for #VEVOcertified…

Decoding Guy Speak: What They Actually Mean

I wish I had more hours in the day. Everyday someone writes and pours their heart out to me, sometimes it is about following their dreams, sometimes about their families or friend issues. The number one thing I get written about is DECODING GUY SPEAK. There have been so many stories of, “but he says… More »

Adele’s ‘Someone Like You’ Video Preview and 5 Other Videos That Will Make You Cry

The video for Adele‘s gutwrenching ballad ‘Someone Like You’ comes out tonight (at 7:56pm on MTV,) and if that ballad doesn’t bring a tear to your…

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