Thanks So Much For All The Emotions – Tokio Hotel 6th Anniversary Video


Today it’s such a special day for me.

Tokio Hotel’s Humanoid Album @ Eragasm Studio In Santa Monica

In this exclusive video into Eragasm Studio in Santa Monica, California; you can see also the golden certification for Tokio Hotel’s Humanoid album to commemorate more than 1 million of copies worldwide sold.

The Ultimate Tokio Hotel Fan // Waiting For To See You Again [5/5]

Here I am with the last blog dedicated to the reasons of my life.

Unluckily I couldn’t post it in the exact day of my 5th anniversary, on…

The Ultimate Tokio Hotel Fan // Für Immer Jetzt [3/5]


Definitely 2008 was a year I will never forget since I had the pleasure to see Tokio Hotel live for the first time ever, but also…

Tokio Hotel Anniversary: 2 Years Humanoid City Tour

Since yesterday was the second anniversary of the beginning of Tokio Hotel’s Humanoid City Tour. Only the European Leg reached 29 cities and 17 countries enchanting almost always a sold out arena with million of fans. In general the band has been on tour for a whole year from February 2010 to February 2011 going… More »

Miss Britney Spears // In Your Shadow (I Can Shine)

This is one of my best videos and I completly love this song, it’s one of my fav ever and I thought to dedicated to my fairy Britney! She is the light of my life and I can’t live without her! When she smiles she is simply awesome and I would like to see Britney… More »

Tokio Hotel recieved 500.000 Euros for a 10-Minute-Performance

What a wicked fee! The German rock band Tokio Hotel took home half a million euros for a 10-minute appearance Friday evening in Moscow.

As have learned, the Russian…

Tokio Hotel in Moscow for MUZ TV AWARDS (June 2nd, 2011) + UPDATE

It seems that Buzznet working again so finally I can post something I planned in those days, and coming soon I update my top 10 chart song of May.

But first…. this blog is dedicated to…

10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Tokio Hotel

Buzznet proclaimed me the best Tokio Hotel fan of the world, so I thought to do this blog, inspired to Sylvs’ style, about Tokio Hotel, the youngest German band who…

Tokio Hotel: over 100 awards in 6 years!

You can love them, you can hate them! One thing is sure: when there’s an event and a prize up for grabs, Tokio Hotel are there.

Since the release of the “<a…

Tokio Hotel nominated for “MTV Video Music Aid Japan” Awards

Tokio Hotel is nominated as “BEST ROCK VIDEO” at MTV Video Music Aid Japan Awards 2011 with “Dark side of the sun”. This year the awards have been renamed…

Bill Kaulitz interviewed by Love Rock #27 (Brasil)

Every band with a lot of teenage fans after a couple of years starts to lose own fans, are we prepared about this fact?

We are a band…

Tokio Hotel Interview NHK Educational TV (Dec 14th 2010)

Voiceover: This is Queen’s favorite band. The band consists on four young East Germans called “Tokio Hotel “. Identical twins Bill and Tom were born in the year of the Berlin Wall Falls. Their dream was to play a concert in faraway Tokyo. They released their first album when they were teenagers. After it received… More »

TBS Pick Up Artist: Interview with Tokio Hotel (April 4th, 2011) + DOWNLOAD


Happy Birthday, Georg!

Today is the 24th Georg’s bday and I would celebrate it with him and all the band. Well, I really don’t know exactly what he is doing for his bday, maybe…

Remember the day: Tokio Hotel live in Padova

Exactly 1 years ago, I was in Padova (2 hours far from Trieste) and I was waiting for enter in the arena where Tokio Hotel performed in their HUMANOID CITY LIVE TOUR.

I went out from…

Tokio Hotel: Some Things Never Change

In those years I notice a sweet fact about Tokio Hotel, in particular about Bill and Tom poses and faces: in those years some habits continue to stay inside them and it’s so cute, check…

I’m physically, mentally, over obsessed with Tokio Hotel!

It’s arrived the moment to post this blog, the first of two, because I’ve really really a lot of stuff of this awesome band, the second one will be dedicated to my room/museum…

Tokio Hotel – BEST OF 2010 #3 (August-December)

This 2010 has been full of emotions, winners, appearances, concerts and projects for Tokio Hotel, the new year is at the doors, and with the wish that 2011 can be another awesome year for the…

Tokio Hotel – BEST OF 2010 #2 (April-August)

This 2010 has been full of emotions, winners, appearances, concerts and projects for Tokio Hotel, the new year is at the doors, and with the wish that 2011 can be another awesome year for the…

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