Question of the Day: What’s the best thing that happened to you this year?

2011 is almost over. My body is not even ready. Is yours? This year has been strange for me, but it’s been good overall. I’ve made some pretty good friends that ride bikes…


Annie sent me these beautiful gifts for my Birthday. I love the card with the Squirrels of course, and the thing in the front is a bookmark that has the planets that look 3D. It was hard to get a photo of that because I kept getting a reflection from the light. On the left… More »

Don’t be drinking Hot Chocolate while your looking at HOVIS !!!!!!

I hardly ever drink Hot Chocolate but I went to the dentist today and I still can’t eat right away so I decided to make some hot chocolate with marshmallows. And then I decided to go on Buzznet, but when I saw this pic of Hovis Annier’s adorable doggie I nearly spit it all over… More »

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