house arrest

Lindsay Lohan Films “Commercial” While on House Arrest

While Lindsay Lohan should be cleaning park bathrooms and picking up freeway trash for the next few years, she is actually chillin at her Venice Beach…

‘Lindsay Lohan’ – A Short Film

How do you keep up on your acting skills while stuck at the pad on house arrest? You make a short silent film, duh! Yes, Lindsay Lohan stars in this short film titled Lindsay Lohan which was directed by Richard Phillips. This short will air from June 1st to the 5th in Italy during commercial… More »

10 Things Lindsay Lohan Won’t Be Able to During House Arrest

Today marks the begining of Lindsay Lohan’s four-month maximum sentence of house arrest for pleading “no contest” to stealing a $2,500 necklace.

Lindsay turned herself in to…

Top 10 Things Ronnie Radke Can Do While Under House Arrest

Fans of justice, rejoice!  Because, that totally innocent-except-for-that-whole-pleading-guilty-in-court-thing Ronnie Radke is up for parole and may be headed for house arrest!  Or at least, that’s the word on the blog for his new band

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