My Long Awaited Cobra Starship Write-Up

Okay, so, my internet and my back up laptop have both been dead since November 21st, when I got the chance to see Forever the Sickest Kids and Cobra

Poppin Champagne in the Roller Rink: All Time Low and friends at Gravity 10/10/08

I saw All Time Low at an old rollerskating rink.

I mean, I really WISH that could be my whole write-up here ’cause it kind of sums up the awesomeness of last Friday’s…

Cobra Starship at Diesel 3/5/2008 OR Thoughts on G-A-B-E getting me high and Ryland’s fine, fine ass

So, I have officially decided that from now on, I will be listing my religion as “Church of Hot Addiction.”  Because yesterday may as well have been a fucking religious experience.

Long story short, found out…

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