Coachella Predicted to Empty Los Angeles, City Prepares For A Hipster-Less Weekend

With Coachella only days away, the neighboring cities that surround the famed polo fields get prepared for the deluge of festival-goers to come. A slew of things must be accomplished to accommodate…

Hipster Princesses? Psh, the Cool Thing Now is Hipster SUPERHEROINES

So, all the way back in February we were into Hipster Disney Princesses.  But now they’re too mainstream because they showed up on Buzznet and everyone’s like “OMG, I love Hipster Princesses!”


ANYWAY, the new…

Disney Princesses Go Hipster

The Disney Princesses have always had certain traits to look up to.  But…honestly, didn’t they always feel just a little too, I dunno, MAINSTREAM?

Well, there’s an easy fix to that: big glasses and a copy…

A Message From The Hipsters: “All You Haters Suck My Balls”

So…what do you get when you combine biking, PRB, auto-tune and that ever fantastic cry of “HATERS!”? You get this ode to hipster lifestyle. (I know people like the ones described in this video. I would not suck their balls…okay, well, there’s one case where I might. Maybe. But it would likely be horrible for… More »

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