Disney Characters As Hipsters!

Ever wonder how your favorite Disney characters would look or act if they were hipsters? well look no more! Check out some of the best memes and images of your favorite characters hipsterfied!!!

Indie-Fab Labor Day Tank ღ Hotel 1171

Relaxin’ this Labor Day weekend? Rock a cute, indie-fab tank like this one from Hotel 1171.  This unisex tank can go day to night- from hanging out with your boyfriend to hitting a concert on…

Babies That Are Way Cooler Than I’ll Ever Be

When I was a wee-one my mom was dressing me in flowery headbands and rompers all the way. Meanwhile in a reality so far from my own, there are children who already appear to be sipping cappuccinos and taking in the New York fashion shows. They’re like “Wait, what? I’m a baby? That fact had… More »

Coachella 2013 Street Style

Coachella is like Disney Land except everyone is wearing little to nothing, it’s dirty & Mickey Mouse isn’t there to give you a hug. Coachella is amazing to exprience, from the artists performing, the artwork displays and the fashion statements people make while they have a chance. Here at Buzznet we want to capture everything… More »

New Uniqlo Ad Features Tavi Gevinson and Cyndi Lauper!

What do Tavi Gevinson and Cyndi Lauper have in common – other than that their names both end in i? Well, it seems that the unlikely pair are actually featured together…

Who Does it Better: Mime vs. Jugglers

There has always been a long standing rivalry between mimes and jugglers, right? We are pitting the best performance artists in the world against eachother. Are you a mimesman or more of a juggalo? Do you appreciate the art of silent performance or the zen balancing act that is juggling? YOU BE THE JUDGE.

Flavor O’ Shant

Flavor of Shant was a party thrown by his sister Talene, and here is a summary of what the invitation was like… “Shant Malkasian DID get into college… Which means a celebration is in order for our little Lightning bolt. Saturday night we spell success s-h-a-n-t… We will start with an intimate dinner pre-game and… More »

MTV’s New Reality Show The Hipster Shore

The eight hippest hipsters in Silverlake strive to live their art, enlighten the masses and pay the rent. LOLLLZ.

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NYE Shots

by Jbeard

Your Scene Sucks.

Remember Rob Dobi? He created How To Dress Emo 2.0. And I would’ve sworn on the Hot Topic employee handbook that it couldn’t get any better than that, but behold Your Scene Sucks.Are you a…

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