New Song! Don’t Let Me Go (Preview)

Today I released a preview of my new song “Don’t Let Me Go!” This is the first in a series of songs that will be released between me and…

Music Spotlight: Owl & Penny

Hey Music Lovers,

I wanted to share some new muisic with you. This talented artist is someone I have known for about 10 years now and he has continuously blown me away. Here is some of…

How I Feel About Fandoms Using Only GIFS

When I find a fandom that likes the same band as me

When I listen to the music and it makes me happy

Heart-Shaped Glasses: I Only Have Eyes For You

As I have mentioned, I’m in love with everything Valentine’s Day related, and heart-shaped glasses are no exception. They may only protect your eyes and not your heart, but they are beyond adorable. And apparently I am not alone in my infatuation – I have compiled a bunch of celebs sporting these cute frames. Which… More »

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