38 Flower Headbands Perfect For Spring + Festivals!

I can’t help but release my inner hippie and fall even more in love with these flower headbands everyday. This trend is popping back up for spring and I can’t get enough. I have been browsing online at these headbands all week and when I went shopping yesterday I was seeing them all over! They… More »

7th Grade Flashbacks: Avril Performs At The 2013 Much Music Awards

In a time where I was busy playing ‘Snake’ on my sweet Nokia phone, Avril was the Canadian Queen of Hot Topic-y realness. This all came flooding back to me…

You Spike Up My World

Happy Wacky Hair Wednesday! I lovelovelove spiked hair bands, so I dedicated a gallery full of ’em, with Samii Ryan head chains (buy them HERE) and ever the lovely Miss Hanna Beth lookin’ like a total babe in her spiked head piece. Would you rock the spiked head piece?! xx.

The Best Fashion Headbands Ever!

I’ve been obsessed with headbands, I even took the belt off a wedding dress and wore it around the wedding store as a headband last week. I just love the boho vibe of a headband. SO…I made this amazing collection of headbands, and I think I’m all set to begin crafting my next great headband….what… More »

Saturday of fun and shopping

Today I’ve been in Austria, in my habitual mall (who won a prize as best innovative mall of the world) to go to shopping and to spend a great Saturday of end April with my…

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