Put A Lid On It! Summer Hats You Need Now!

Sooo summer is here and with all the warm weather and excitement in full swing, it’s time to start thinking about ways to spruce up your wardrobe without spending your entire savings account! If you add anything to your closet this summer season, it’s gotta be a cool hat. Whether you’re a snapback, floppy or… More »

My New Summer Obsession!: Backward Snapbacks!

It’s been so addicting just not doing my hair and throwing a hat on in all situations this summer as it begins to get hotter. I have found a couple brands that are my favorites, Civil, hi, girl, fourstar, Young And Reckless and BOY to name a few! I can just throw on a cute… More »

Fair Isle All Day, Every Day

I love the holidays! Not only is everything all shiny and bright, but it is also time to break out the holiday sweaters! I’ve grown to love the fair isle design and I’m always looking to add it to my wardrobe in the winter months. Fair isle, named after a tiny island in northern Scotland,… More »

25 Of The Best Hats For Fall

I am so excited because today I am flying to Monroe, LA to do an interview, and it’s a no makeup, travel only work day for me, which means I get to catch up on some reading and journalling and sleeping! Yesterday Swoon and I took a trip to topshop at The Grove and I… More »

Brixton Hats and Clothing.

I love hats, i probably wear them more than anyone else i know.  Snapbacks, beanies, ushankas, whatever. One of my favorite companies as of late is called Brixton.  

10 Animals Who Are Celebrating Cinco De Mayo

Happy Cinco De Mayo! I have never been one to really go out and celebrate this holiday but I will never refuse a reason to indulge in endless chips and salsa…

Trend To Rock: Fedora Hats

As I was browsing my fave sites online dreaming of a new spring wardrobe, I couldn’t help but notice how many fedoras are being sold right now. This is the perfect accessory for a beach day, bad hair day or when you just need that little something to spice up your outfit. Even Taylor Swift… More »

Celebs Channeling Old St. Nick!

Christmas is just around the corner and one way people like to get into the spirit of the holidays is by paying homage to the big guy with the presents: our beloved Santa Claus!People love rock his signature red and white hat, undoubtedly making St. Nick proud. Celebs also like to partake in the spirit… More »

Rebel Rebel: I Can’t Get Enough

One of the trends that I’m LOVING is spikes and studs on everything and anything. Even all over your body. This trend is such an easy way to show how dangerous you are, and that you don’t give a fuck! If anyone tries to mess with you, tries to piss you off, or comes to… More »

Pups in hats

Humans aren’t the only ones that like to look fashion while hiding from the sun or trying to keep warm! Pups of all shapes and sizes need a little accessorizing from time to time.

JJ’s TREASURE HUNT ……. Assignment # 16

So here I am with some of my treasures !!!! It’s quite hard to pick out things here since I live pretty much surrounded by odd and interesting things. I guess…

june inspirations!

things I like and i love. nails,hats,shoes,colored hair & more.

Hat-ta Girl! Summer Hats For All!

Oh hats. You are soooooooo tricky. I love you, and I want to wear you, but to be honest, you scare me a little. Just like the great lion in the wild who is beautiful and majestic yet might eat me, you are awesome and stylish, yet might make me look very silly. However, I… More »

Week 3: Make Your Hair Fashionable At Warped Tour

This week in A Fashionista’s Guide To Looking Cute At Warped, We are covering the standout hairstyles to wear to this years fest. Everyone is always worried about their hair, especially in the heat and humidity.I’ve included hairstyles, hats and hair accesories that will make you a little more fashionable. Make Sure To Check Out… More »

Celebrity Mad Hatters At The Kentucky Derby

There is not enough fabulous hat wearing going on in this world. Short of Southern ladies at church on Sundays and everyone at British weddings, the lack of fancy and extravagant headwear really bums me out. That is, except for the Kentucky Derby of course, the magical time where people from all walks of life… More »

Best/Worst Celebrity Hat Crimes

Celebrities are always rocking hats, whether on the red carpet, on stage, or at the grocery store. Some are modest, some are out of control! Let’s face it: Hats are the perfect bad hair day cover up or lazy way to add a splash of chic (or crazy!) added to any outfit! Here’s my picks… More »

Hannabeth: Queen Of The Hair Accessories

For years I have been rocking hair accessories from hats to headbands to flowers to crowns.. I love it all.. I always want something on my head weather it’s a spike turban or a gold flower crown.. Check out all the different hair accesories I have rocked over the years! xoxo

Closet Case Studies: Keltie Colleen

Welcome to my closet! Home of tee shirts, beautiful shoes and furry hats. I hope you like the tour of some of my favorite pieces of clothing, and I hope you…

30 Craziest Hats at the Kentucky Derby

Forget the horses. Today’s Kentucky Derby was all about HATS, HATS, HATS! Hats may have been the horse race’s biggest competition, and whether more people came for ‘hats on parade’ or for the actual race is not too clear. But one thing’s for sure, when it comes to headgear, the rule of thumb for hats… More »

Hats Off! 25 Hats to Wear to the Kentucky Derby

It’s that time again, folks! Break out those hats you wore to the Royal Wedding and come on down to the Kentucky Derby which is being held this weekend, May 6th and 7th, in Louisville. To be honest, who is really watching those horses when you have a feast of over-the-top hats awaiting your viewing… More »

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