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What If Sailor Moon Anime Turns In A Movie With Real Characters?

Sailor Moon is one of my fav manga/anime ever, I remember when I watched every day the episodes on tv and how much I loved it, I dressed up to Sailor Venus once, when I was a little girl for a Carnival. Now I’m collecting all the dvds and finally my dream came true, because… More »

Happy Birthday My Sweet Fairy Hanna ♥

Hi my dear Hanna, this is a really special day for you, you turn 23.
It seems yesterday when we knew eachother, I remember all your advices for the right gift for…

Hanna Beth’s bday gift project

Hanna Beth fans, please attention! My friend HannaBethfan wants you for an amazing Hanna’s bday gift!

Reblogged from HannaBethfan

Hey little cupcakes. My friend (HannaBethfanBr) and i have an…

Passion Photoshop

While i was searching and reorganizing my file on the pc about Audrey, Hanna and the other models which I ispire, I found those old pics I re-edit with Photoshop a lot of years ago……

Hanna Beth & Audrey Kitching Gallery

I know, probably there are already a lot of gallieries about this couple of scene queens, but I’ve always loved them and I was really sad when their friendship ended, so I thought to create this gallery, remember their friendship: wraped tour, hanging out, photoshooting, private life ect ect. + new photos at TCA 2011… More »

The cuttiest pic ever of Hanna!!! *w*

I’m speachless about how many sweetness there is in this pic. Hanna and her little bro Thomas Leroy, simply cute! I think Hanna will be an awesome mum, do you think the same? xx

Drawing Hanna & Ivey

In the hope that your friendship never ends. With love – Irene – This is the portrait that Wednesday I’ll send with the other one, a little gift for Hanna and one for Ivey to Hanna. She’s always so gentle and sweet with me, that this is my thanks for her! xx

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