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Kick-Ass Girl Groups

With the boy band boom making a recent comeback with bands like One Direction and The Wanted, it’s easy for the girls to get lost in the crowd. While the boys are having their fun now, we can’t forget our sassy girl groups! From the rockers of L7 and The Runaways to the soul gals… More »

Real Life Style Inspiration: The Super Cool Ladies of Badlands 777

I’m so excited to introduce you all to the fun, fabulous and super cool ladies of Badlands 777. The crew hails from London/Essex and consists of Chloe Lamb, Jade Lamb and Lilli-rose Bailey. It all began when they started selling awesome vintage clothing due to their frustration over the lack of good vintage clothing stores… More »

Why Hayley Williams, Atlantic Records and The State of Paramore Matter

One of the biggest issues that’s come out of the current Paramore drama is the continued accusation that Paramore is a manufactured band.  That a potential pop star was teamed with a group of musicians…

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