Dancing With The Stars Part 1

Moon babies!<3Last night was a big milestone for us. Out first TV gig in America! 🙂 U guys have kept me going and I can’t wait to see what’s gonna unfold for us next. I love you soooo much. Also, I have some more pics for u! Turns out my friends from Buzz were sneaking… More »

Kids In Glass Houses Flashback Four Years With ‘Smart Casual’ Anniversary Show

For many in Kingston, England, the 6th August 2012 was an average Monday – work, a bit of rain, nothing to write home about – but for the lucky…

Everyone come to our show tonight!!!

We’re playing alongside some amazing bands!!! It’ll be funnn…4343 Leimert Blvd, Los Angeles CA.

“Idol” Alaina Alexander Rocks Out!

Filed under: Music, American Fallen “Idol” Alaina Alexander is on the sidelines now, but she’s definitely not out of the game. The recently brunetted singer played a small gig last week at Hollywood’s famous Cat Club on the Sunset Strip. Alaina’s plan is to play “a gig a month,”…… from

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