CRUSH OF THE DAY: We Found Jesus, He’s In Playboy

Whether or not you were looking for him, Jesus has been found. He’s in Portuguese Playboy. Believe it or not, the whole thing is pretty artsy and is based on Jose Saramago’s book…

SAG Awards Announced: More Leo, More Helen, More ‘Dreamgirls’

Rather than rely on a method more appropriate for the public’s interest level in their event, like scrawling the names of their honorees on a series of Post-It notes, affixing them to the door of… from

As It Turns Out, Gerald Ford Was Not Eaten By Wolves

In honor of Gerald Ford, who “died peacefully” yesterday in Rancho Mirage, we revisit this Dana Carvey SNL sketch–probably one of our favorites of all time–in which Tom Brokaw is required to tape news promos…

Gus Van Sant: To DUI For

With precious few hours until we kick off for our Christmas vacation, we never expected that the Celebrity DUI Gods would send down yet another drunk-driving mugshot for our amusement, but they’ve just delivered the… from

The Golden Globes Nominations: Leo Vs. Leo, Clint Vs. Clint

With no Golden Globes story line as compelling as last year’s tension over whether or not the Hollywood Foreign Press Association would pit Heath Ledger’s mumble-mouthed rancher against Jake Gyllenhaal’s dreamy-eyed-yet-mercurial cowpoke (or, more accurately,… from

Recreating Nicole Richie’s Wild Ride

You’ve read the booking sheet with its shocking, self-reported (and probably exaggerated by 10 percent) 85 lbs of body mass and listened to the chilling 911 calls, but now, thanks to local ABC affiliate KABC… from

NBC’s Jeff Zucker Sharpens Blade, Starts Thinking About A Trip To Burbank

Lately, when we see the words “restructuring,” “reorganization,” and “NBC Universal Television Group president Jeff Zucker” in close proximity in the same story, we brace ourselves for a lowball estimate of how many employees are… from

Michael Richards Learned Little During His Brief Time Playing A Blind Afro-American

Inevitably, one of the unfortunate side effects of having a video of your racist meltdown (and subsequent, cringe-inducing apology to the “Afro-American” community) played in front of virtually everyone with either a television or an…

K-Fed’s WeHo Halloween Performance As Mercifully Brief As You’d Hoped

Yesterday afternoon, we urged you to check out hip-hop/househusbanding impresario Kevin Federline’s live performance at the West Hollywood Halloween Costume Carnaval, partly because the crushing crowd and anonymity afforded by your costume would make any… from

Courtney Love Vs. The Defamers

A few of our readers on the East Coast e-mailed to let us know that tenuously lucid rocker/local personality Courtney Love made the The View the latest stop on her Trip Back From The Bottom…

Please, Stanley Kubrick Has Casted Weirder

In 1984, or so the YouTube blurb legend goes, the late, great Stanley Kubrick “placed ads throughout the U.S. for young aspiring actors to send in audition tapes” for his upcoming project, Full Metal Jacket….

More Halloween Costume Ideas: Borat At The Beach

Yesterday, we offered you some helpful Halloween costume ideas based on your favorite mother/daughter celebrity tag-teams, but we recognize that many revelers prefer to express their sartorial creativity in a more individual way. So allow… from

Tip…er, stalk your bartender?

NY is really promoting stalking. First, Gawker’s up to the minute google-map enabled celeb stalker… (PS. Cuomo, he’s just like me– he eats pizza!) now Bartender stalking? I mean, seriously.
JIMMY IOVINE is a fool, I…

Celebrity Stalking for Dummies (in Manhattan)

First of all, as much as I adore celeb gossip just as much as the next shallow person, but oh-em-gee, have you heard of’s Stalker feature? Am I way late to this party?Ok, in…

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