Hard Resetting Samsung Galaxy Tab: How To

You’ll see in this video, how to perform hard reset of your Samsung Galaxy Tab by following easy to follow steps, firstly power off your device, now press “Volume UP” and “Power” button at same time until “Company Logo” is not shown on screen. For more details contact Email: and Website: //

The Best Of Etsy: Galaxy Bed Sheets

Today I found a unique galaxy bed sheets on Etsy. I believe that you will love this cosmic bedding designed by Jail Betray. I think…

DIY Tuesday: 25 Epic “Worlds Apart” Themed Ideas!

Happy DIY Tuesday Babies! You may have heard the new song Worlds Apart I did with the magickal Seven Lions – if not, you can take a listen HERE! Seeing the amazing feedback you beautiful Babies have had, I got inspired to share some awesome galaxy themed DIY projects with you guys! And, thank you… More »

How to enable USB debugging on Android Samsung Galaxy Note 3

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How to connect Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to your Laptop for sending SMS using DRPU Bulk SMS Software for Android

Follow these steps


How to enable USB debugging on Samsung Galaxy S4 Android Mobile Phone?

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How to connect Samsung Galaxy S4 Phone to your Computer for sending free SMS using DRPU Bulk SMS…

Galaxy Nails? Yes please!

My best friend is going out tonight with some of her work colleagues and I suggested that I’d do her nails for her so I could get some practice and plus, I love doing it…

Diy Galaxy T-Shirt

This tee was surprisingly simple to create! I have been kindof obsessed the past few days with galaxy pictures, and have new ideas for…

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