Best Drinks To Spring Into Warm Weather

It’s the time of the season for outdoor activities filled with sunshine, friends, festivals, and picnics. Instead of packing a boring soda or water for your next outing, why not bring some refreshing…


I went to get an apple to eat and discovered it had 2 hearts on the skin !!! I thought WOW that looks kind of cool and thought you…


I can’t tell you how delicious these little tomatoes are ! You would have to taste them yourself. They call them heavenly and they are right. I just love the saying they have under the label it’s cute and accurate 😀 View in full size original

Kawaii Peaches

Wow, fruits in the clothes look strange but these NOT!!! They are incredible beautiful and sexy. I believe that you want to try them. Unfortunately, they are available in China. And…

DIY Tuesday – Mason Jar Nutri Bullet

While looking through all the amazingness pinterest has to offer I came across one of the most genius DIY ideas ever! A DIY nutri bullet! All you need is a regular blender and some mason jars. This DIY comes with a warning – I can’t promise this is safe but seems like a lot of… More »

37 Fresh Fruit Nails For Summer

Nothing taste better in the summer than some fresh fruit! Fruit + summer = bliss. So I got to thinking, what could be better than eating fruit? Getting a cute fruit nail design on your nails for summer, of course! I can’t wait to get a watermelon design done, or kiwi I can’t decide! I… More »


My stepson sent me this beautiful mug and this TAZO TEA. I love the tea it’s very unusual since it has black pepper and other spices in it but tastes really good 😀 View in full size


This is an Allium flower which is in the onion family. One of my squirrels must have bit it off it’s stem so I thought it would look nice next to this large strawberry and in my antique ink bottle : )


Yes your reading that right, it’s a store that makes flowers out of fruit !!!!! This store is new in our town and they have some interesting stuff. I haven’t been inside but just reading the posters sounds interesting and YUMMY : ) View in full size original : )


YES I found some new winners in the Design you own sticker contest. Here are some new winners from left Kim, Belinda, Jessica and Brittany. People must think I have a screw loose picking off the stickers and putting them on the ones I’m going to buy 😀 View in full size original to read… More »


I found some new ones and these are more winners in the Design your own sticker. Very creative people out there : ) View in full size to read the names : )

Irregular Choice SS11



Yes the good old banana stickers have returned. And this time you can draw in them. There are also some of the winners who designed their own stickers. I love the skeleton one done by Taylor. I had no shame stealing all of these I just picked them off right out in the open and… More »

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