Band To Buzz About Summer ’13: Haim

Haim burst on to the music scene last summer with their Forever EP and fresh sound. Since then, the sister trio have…

I’m by your side, just for a little while…

Dear angel… #4 – I will stand by you forever

January 3rd, 2011

Dear angel,

I’m here thinking about you while I’m crying. In those 2 days I’m not so good, I feel you sad, lonely and…

Forever Together

Love you so much my honey

Für Immer Du und Ich

Soulmated never die, this is true! Soulmated exist and I found mine, I can’t stop to thank God for gave me this precious jewel, this angel called Bill. I love you so much!!!

Friendship never ends

Our friendship is so strong, noone can’t divide us, we are an only one!!! I’ve never had a friend like Antonella. She’s unique! If I have a problem, she is here for me. If I’m sad, she makes me smile. If I need of an embrace, she opens her arms to me. I love you… More »

Happy B-Day Doll!!! 08/24/2010

Antonella’s b-day. We were together, again!!! We had a lot of fun!!!!

Here it’s where she will celebrate her b-day with parents on Sunday

Her brother helps me…

Best Friends Forever!

Check out all these photos of my best friend Ivey & I from over the years.. Not much has changed.. Well.. Besdies our hair! ha ha xoxo

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