Band To Buzz About: The Paper Kites

For fans of: Ryan Adams, The War On Drugs, Daughter Melbourne’s The Paper Kites – comprised of Sam Bentley, Christina Lacy, Dave Powys, Sam Rasmussen and Josh Bentley – captured my heart earlier this year with their stunning single, “Electric Indigo,” off of their sophomore record, twelvefour – a collection of thought-provoking tracks written between… More »

LISTEN: Olin & The Moon Share New Single, “Solitary Hill”

LA’s Olin & The Moon are a breath of fresh air. Reminiscent of some classic west coast Americana, the five-piece formed in 2006 and have…

From The Indie Vault: Mary Caroline

Mary Caroline – For fans of: Shawn Colvin, Lisa Loeb, Natalie Imbruglia

Yellowknife, NT’s Mary Caroline has a…

Asteroid no. 4 Reveal Self-Titled Album Details

Psychedelic/folk rock band, Asteroid no. 4, are excited to announce the release of their self-titled album on September 23 on UK’s Bad Vibrations Records.

Fused with…

In The Valley Below Announce ‘The Belt’ Album Details

In The Valley Below have finally announced details about their forthcoming debut album, The Belt! I first introduced you guys to this…

Sonali Shows Her Support for LGBT Community In ‘Who We Are’

New York based singer/songwriter Sonali is ready to take the world by storm. As a multi-instrumentalist, Sonali plays keyboard, guitar, drums and bass – and…

From The Indie Vault: Matt Townsend & The Wonder of The World

Matt Townsend & The Wonder of The World – For fans of: Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Nick Drake

I’m normally not a folk/rock…

Song Of The Day: “Hymnal” by In The Valley Below

I first introduced you guys to In The Valley Below this past fall as one of my Bands To Buzz About after falling…

From The Indie Vault: Heart of The Heart

Heart of The Heart – For fans of: Damien Rice, Ed Sheeran, Counting Crows

Eu Claire, WI trio, Heart of…


I have mixed feelings about picking Cat Stevens as my pick for the month because he is no longer that person. Cat Stevens was born in London as Steven Demetre Georgiou in 1948. He is now named Yusuf Islam and there are many people here that have bad thoughts towards him. But he is going… More »

Band To Buzz About Winter ’14: Lost In The Trees

Chapel Hill, North Carolina’s Lost In The Trees are a real treat to ears craving more indie/folk pop. They just released their third album, Past…

Share A Tune: The Crown Smoke Season

I feel as music fans, it’s always important to share. Share what you’re listening to. Share what you discovered. Share a new tune. I always love getting suggestons on Twitter from my follwers or…


I just love how young and shy looking Bob is in this video. The Newport Folk Festival took place in Newport Rhode Island starting in 1959 and still continues to this day. They did take a break from in in the 70’s but I think it’s now called the Newport Music Festival. Notice the crowd… More »

New Music Alert: Oh Honey

My brother Mitchy hit me up a few months ago to tell me about a project he was working on. I’ve known him for a few years, we’ve performed together here and there, he is a great friend and an amazing artist. So I say screw it, I’m flying to the east coast anyway, let… More »

Emerging Talent: Valley Maker

It amazes me how many different places I have disocovered new music. In this case, I discoverd Valley Maker when his song was playing in the backgorund of a Youtube video…

From The Indie Vault: Mike Cavanaugh

Mike Cavanaugh – For fans of: Coldplay, Ray LaMontagne, Glen Hansard

Honest. Bare. Those are the two words that sum up Boston’s

The Violent Femmes @ The Coachella Stage

The Violent Femmes rocked our collective folk punk hearts on Saturday.

Music Monday: Kassidy

I’ve had this Scottish folk-rock band just chillin’ in my Spotify playlists for quite some time, and I just recently decided to take a listen to them and thank the heavens I did.

Music Monday: Kassidy


Music On, World Off: “When You Are Mine” by The Blackbird Revue

Music On, World Off is basically me telling you guys about a certain song I’m infatuated with while attempting to attach some moral story behind it. Enjoy! 🙂

Tim Noyes Puts Matters Into His Own ‘Hands’

As I’m sure you all know from reading my blog, I live for finding new music! I tend to discover new bands and artists in the strangest ways. Some…

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