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Happy Birthday To FOB’s Folie à Deux – It’s Three Today

Joyeux Anniversaire Folie à Deux!

Today, December 16th 2011, Fall Out Boy’s fifth studio album celebrates it’s third birthday. It’s original due date was November…

Best Album Title Battle

Ah, album titles—they can embody a theme or feeling or begin stirring ideas about the disc’s focus before anyone has heard a single note. Some are pop culture references, some are… well, French. Maybe the band drew the genius phrase out of sweaty beanie—not everyone is as verbose and explanatory as Pete Wentz, you know…. More »

Fall Out Boy Tour Update, Starring Bronx Wentz

Last night Fall Out Boy posted some behind-the-scenes footage of the Believers Never Die Part Deux tour on friendsorenemies. Do you have to be enticed to watch it? Maybe this will help: [cut=Cuteness ahead…]


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Fall Out Boy Deliver ‘America’s Suitehearts’ Video

New Year, new Fall Out Boy video! On the first fine day of 2009, the band premiered their music video for “America’s Suitehearts.” Were you busy sleeping off your New Year’s Eve shenanigans? Or outside

Review: Fall Out Boy’s ‘Folie a Deux’

Folie a Deux, the title of Fall Out Boy‘s third major label album, is meant to mean “a madness shared by two.” Which means this album is madness!


Without You I’m Just Me: Pete Wentz and Travis McCoy Present Their ‘Folie a Deux’s’ in L.A.

So I stumbled out of my apartment this evening hoping to get inspired by some Pete/Travie creations and this event turned out to be STAR-STUDDED. No joke! [cut=It was kind of a big deal, guys…]


Fall Out Boy @ The Troubadour 12/8/08

FOB played a small show in West Hollywood. Old songs and brand new ones! What a great birthday present for me, huh?

FOB Vote, Remix, and Give Unsigned Bands an Opportunity

A few months ago, we thought today would be a double-whammy of a day with VOTING and the release of Fall Out Boy’s “Folie a Deux”—until the album was pushed further into the holiday season

New Fall Out Boy Podcast: Pete and Patrick vrs. The Cobra Morning Show

In a new podcast, available for free on iTunes, Pete Wentz and Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy are interviewed by “Mad Dog” and “Billy

‘Folie a Deux’ by YOU: Art Challenge (Updated Deadline)

So, um, there’s this band? Fall Out Boy? And supposedly they’re cool or whatever. And they’ve got everyone in a tizzy about their album release on Nov. 4! As everyone

You Daily Folie Update: Pete Wentz’s Pre-Order News Too Sweet for 140 Words

So, I’m sure by now you already know about the big Fall Out Boy news.  Folie a Deux pushed back. New release date of December 16th.  Amazing <a…

Patrick Stump on Himself: ‘Patrick Stump gets enough attention’

We can’t say we necessarily agree, but Fall Out Boy‘s lead singer has certainly been making himself vocal in other ways lately (Sarah Palin impression, anyone?). In part II of

Add Folie to your Holiday List

Once again, thanks to CFOBmania for the tip off.  If youre not following their Twitter?  Youre too far behind!

If youre gonna…

The Oracle in my Chest: Fall Out Boy’s Folie a Deux Delay Astrological?

With the news that Fall Out Boy‘s Folie a Deux will be postponed, many people are looking for answers.  While the guys explained themselves perfectly in a post on…

Fall Out Boy’s ‘Folie a Deux’ Postponed

(thanks to CFOBmania for the tip off!)

November 4th is going to be a day that changes American History and Politics no matter what.  Either we’ll have the first ever African American President

Fall Out Boy Announce Elvis Costello as Album Guest

This morning Fall Out Boy sent Absolutepunk an exclusive announcement about another guest star who will be lending their talents to Folie a Deux — Elvis Costello. The message…

FOB’s Pete and Patrick Shift ‘Sex Drive’ into High Gear

You’d think that use of the term “Sex Drive” alone would be enough to command a little attention on this site. But no. So we’re also going to add the words “Patrick

Interview with BFFs Pete Wentz and Patrick Stump (by me)

Who would’ve thought Fall Out Boy’s last U.S. appearance before the ‘Folie a Deux’ drop would be on the silver screen? Read up, Fall Out fans.

Patrick Stump on his BFF: ‘I am the musician I am pretty much because of Pete’

On Friday, Absolutepunk posted a teaser question to get us pumped about the two-part Patrick Stump interview that’d be hitting the web today. Wise ‘Trick eloquently explained why they’d never make another <span style="font-style:

Fall Out Boy to Appear on the November Cover of Alternative Press Magazine

This November belongs to the REAL Mavericks.

No, not McCain and Palin.  I mean some actual Mavericks.  A group of four boys who, in between putting out some of the hottest music in the world today,

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