Youtube Evolution Of: Fall Out Boy

WOOHOO we made it through another week and now we get to enjoy FRIDAY!

As you may know by now, this calls for a Youtube Evolution and this week’s is on FALL…

30 Fall Out Boy Inspired Tattoos

Fall Out Boy has been on “hiatus” for what seems like forever (3 years). This band of guys from Chicago has a very dedicated following. Their followers are so dedicated that a huge percentage of their loyal fans have had their lyrics, CD covers and even handwriting tattooed. Personally, I have a couple of Fall… More »

Photo Of The Day 9/2

I really miss Fall Out Boy! Who’s ready for another album?

Up In The Air Playlist

This weekend I watched a little TV (no, I didn’t aquire one, I was at boyfriend’s house) and caught a few movie trailers as a result. One was for “Up In The Air” starring

Where The Wild Things Are: References and Appearances in Pop Culture

Pete Wentz & Ashlee Simpson Show Off Bronx for X-Mas

A Christmas gift from Pete, Ashlee and Bronx. [cut=Cute and cuddly details…] 

Presenting <a href=”a’>”>a special kind of preciousness</a>, courtesy FOE. Doesn’t it make you all warm and fuzzy inside?


Fall Out Boy’s Fresh Only Bakery Delivery 9/23: OMG SHOES!

Yesterday was the last Fresh Only Bakery delivery for Los Angeles. They promised not to eff it up this time (If you missed the first L.A. delivery, you didn’t really miss

Awaiting More Fresh Only Bakery Trickery

Oh, of course Pete Wentz, make an Tuesday evening delivery when I have PLANS *shakes fist* (plans being an appointment, HOUSE and the season premiere of Law and Order: SVU!! Huzzah!)

Posted on earlier today:


Fall Out Boy in Long Beach Ca 11-2007

Live photos of Fall Out Boy in Long Beach CA.

Who needs real love? (hi will u b my ‘maginary boyfren?)

I got TAGGED by Hulda! 🙂

1. You post your top 10 fantasy guys/girls
2. You tag 10 people.
3. You CANNOT tag someone who has already been tagged.
4. You have to let the people you tagged…

Fall Out Boy Tattoo Tales

Picked up from Absolutepunk.

Blood Painted Roses…

We need banners with pictures of Hayley Williams and Pete Wentz. We’ll appreciate it if you make a simple banner for us, because we are in great need of them. SO START WORKING ON THEM!

Fall Out Boy – Thnks Fr Mmrs

Hahaha. Nice

Music Stuff 3/23

Uh, Hinder remixed? (Idolator)You might like this song– Embrace “Ashes” (Evil Beet)Stream the new Melee album! (MySpace)Pete Wentz & Mark Hoppus interview eachother. (FOE)

So sue us, whatchu gonna do with us?

I just read on Absolutepunk that Fall Out Boy is being sued because of the lyrics ” It’s just past eight and I’m feeling young and reckless the ribbon on my wrist says, “Do not…

Blood Painted Roses: *Part 9*

                          Blood Painted Roses: *Part 9*   *****This part is for neeshaxcrazy, cuz she has literally been going crazy for this to actually be posted. Well here it is, so enjoy! =D We love you!!…

Fall Out Boy Holiday Greeting

Joe looks so nervous…I want those dolls!!!!!

Funny email from FBR

Spoof of the hacked sidekick incident. Way funny cause it looked like a real forwarded message. I think its great he can makefun of himself.

close up on Pete’s shirt

pete’s shirt says “britney i’d treat you better”

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