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Winter: Most Worn Pieces

Happy SNOW DAY Buzzbabes! I thought it would be fun to share my most worn pieces of the season with you. These are some of my absolute favorite clothes, shoes and accessories. So naturally, I had to drag most of them out of the dirty laundry to photograph, because I wear them constantly. 🙂 #gross… More »

DIY Tuesday – Rainbow Fringe Jacket

Hi Moon Babies! I wanna show you a simple way to give your old jackets a second life. This would also look super cute done on a hoodie, I think. I’ve been in LOVE with this jacket and wanna deck it out even more by adding some patches and faux fur. It’s so outrageous that… More »

Fall Fashion Must Have: Faux Fur Coats

I rarely ever feel luxurious and glamorous while lounging around at home, but that may be because my house attire generally consists of bleach-stained men’s sweats and a Slanket. I’m making a point to change this, as everyone woman deserves to feel “lux” and “glam”, girlfriends (snaps). I will be doing this by stocking up… More »

First Look: Spirithoods Fall And Holiday 2012 Collection

Spirithoods, an animal inspired faux-fur accessories and apparel line, just launched their Fall and Holiday collection! I really love this brand because with each purchase, they donate 10% of the profits to help endangered animals! Also the products are so cute! I put together a gallery featuring their photos of the 2012 collection. WHICH IS… More »

14 Fabulous Faux Fur Finds (Say That Three Times Fast)

Sure cold weather is kind of a bummer when it comes to things like bbqs and the beach and abject depression, but on the bright side, it means FUN COATS. And nothing is more fun than faux fur. Ergo, faux fur coats are the funnest (and yes that is a word, I looked it up)…. More »

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