Prom Inspired Fashion in Film: ‘Pretty in Pink’

With prom season in the midst, I’d like to appropriately discuss the film Pretty in Pink…I mean, Molly Ringwald’s pink prom dress is iconic! The movie tells the story of a poor girl (Andi played by Ringwald) who must choose between the love of her childhood sweetheart and a rich playboy.This Brat Pack favorite helped… More »

Fashion In Film Volume 5: The Virgin Suicides

For my fifth installment I’d like to discuss the fashion from the inspiring film, The Virgin Suicides, written and directed by Sofia Coppola. The film, starring Kirsten Dunst, tells the story surrounding the suicides of the mysterious and sheltered Lisbon sisters. It’s set in a middle-class Detroit suburb during the 1970s and involves a group… More »

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