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7 Online Stores With Awesome Fall Basics on the Cheap

In shocking news, Thanksgiving is just a couple weeks away. Insane, right? No matter what part of the country you call home, it’s probably time to bundle up, pile on the layers, and pull out a strong sweater game. If you’re struggling to get your fall fashion staples, we’re here to help. Here are seven… More »

#FBF Miley Cyrus’ Most Absurd Outfits

Our girl Miley Cyrus found love in a hopeless place! Well, if we’re being completely accurate, she rekindled her romance with Liam Hemsworth. When dealing the end of that relationship, Miley gave us Wrecking Ball and all the wild tunes on Bangerz and Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz. Now, Miley’s entering a new phase that’s… More »

Fashion Inspo: Ways to Dress Up Sneakers

Coming off the weekend, the thought of throwing on uncomfortable shoes for work sounds like a total drag. The good news is, there are plenty of ways to dress up your sneakers these days! You can rock business casual vibes, breezy summer dresses, or jeans with sneakers and still look put together and sharp. Here’s… More »

#FBF TV Fashion Inspiration From Blossom

Now that the sun is blazing hot, it’s time to whip out your best hat. The need for a wide ass brim to protect our faces from full blown sunburn got us thinking about our fave accessory. Naturally, our minds went straight to our girl Blossom. She used to rock those ridiculous bucket hats with… More »

#FBF Fashion Inspiration From The Cast of Friends

Happy Friday! And for some of you, Happy Coachella Weekend #2! As we march onward into another weekend, you’re probably staring at your closet trying to figure out what ensemble screams “hip Saturday vibes.” Need a little inspiration? If so, let’s go back to 1994. That’s the year everyone’s favorite sitcom, Friends, hit the airwaves. These… More »

Wear Your Texts On Your Sleeve: 32 Emoji-Inspired Fashions

We use emojis every single day while texting our BFFs, but have you ever though of wearing your heart-shaped emojis on your sleeve? Check out these rad clothes with emoji-inspired prints. Do you think emoji fashion is☺or ☹ ?

Fashion Inspiration: Lace & Leather

This glamorous combo is perfect in each season. It’s sassy, it’s fashion, it’s hot. I always had an addicition for lace and leather and also celebrities seem to can’t have enough: for years on red carpets or in out & about photos, celebs love to combine these two cloths together. Check out my new Fashion… More »

Crazy For Daisies: 36 Floral-Inspired Looks

As February is nearing it’s end and the city is drowning in an almost record-breaking amount of snow, it’s hard to shake the feeling that Winter is going to last forever. Rest assured, it will not – at least I hope not. With more and more bands announcing Spring tours and Coachella just around the… More »

Di$count Universe

Discount Universe’s new collection is so dead on it’s insane! This is hands down the best I have seen done in this style! I can’t figure out which outfits I love most… the blazers and bone skirts are pretty high on my list! THOUGHTS?

Fashion Inspiration: Wildberry Remix

I used to hate purple, but something changed recently and I suddenly want LOTS of it in my life.  That’s why I chose the…

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