How To Survive A Long Distance Relationship

Before I metSwoon, ever-single one of myrelationshipswas long distance. I never dated people who lived in my city. I became somewhat of an expert in living alone, then together. It’s tough, but worth it. I believe that long distance can work out. I decided to do some sleuthing and find out what other people thought… More »

Superb Soundtrack For A Magical Life: A “Far” Review Of Sorts

I once watch an episode of a TV drama in which the characters were participating in a “pill party”—there were various kinds of prescription drugs in a martini glass and the party-goers were just mixing

Regina Spektor Builds Up Anticipation For “Far” Release

In the category of things I’m anticipating so much that I could pee myself is the release of Regina Spektor’s latest CD, Far. June 23rd it will be in my posession. And I…

Regina Spektor – “Dance Anthem of the 80’s”

New video! Her new album, Far, comes out June 2nd. Um, I kind of want to BE her.

Regina Spektor’s Next Album Is Coming This Summer!

Mark your calendars for musical merriment, because on June 23rd Regina Spektor is releasing “Far” on Sire Records.

According to AngryApe, there’s no tracklist yet, but we do know that the first single will be…

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