What Do Ronnie Radke And Avril Lavigne Have In Common?

Ladies and gentlemen, I have officially shot my first music video! The experience over all was extremely eye…

Tell Me Why: Falling In Reverse

I need your help again pals. 

Last year tons of fans came to see Falling In Reverse headlined Warped Tour and in 2011 their debut album, The Drug In You Is Me, charted at…

Nate Ruess Works With Pink & More Music Notes

Music notes; because let’s face it, #musicrules.


Nate Ruess of fun. works with Pink.

Ronnie Radke of Falling in Reverse arrested. 

MxPx announce new tour. 

William Beckett hangs with Pure Volume. 

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Best Warped Tour Hair

Okay enough about the music, who has the best hair on Warepd Tour!? Check out this gallery featuring our own Buzznet concert photography and comment on your favorite! Who has the best Warped Tour hair!?

What It’s Like To Be On A Warped Tour Main Stage

Warped Tour was filled with some fun interviews, circle pits and musical adventures. One of the best moments was watching The Used from the main stage at the Irvine date. I have been…

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