We are only humans.We have better and worse days. We must to try be strong and don’t give up.

Honesty Blog: Stay True, Stay Strong, Stay Beautiful

As some of you may know, there is a new Bloggers Against Cyber Bullying group that we wanted to share with you all because to be blunt, bullying of any kind f$%^ing sucks. Before I…

I Swear We Are Infinite

Considering how fast time is going by, I will be 18 in a blink of an eye, and I can reassure you that I want a tattoo! I’ve searching around online for super cute tattoos, and found that “infinity” tattoos are super popular… so here’s a gallery of the cutest infinite tattoos! And this is… More »

Keltie Colleen’s TWLOHA “Story Of” Video

Wow. where can I begin?

Well, I cannot. So many emotions about this, so many more stories to tell, but for the first time, here I am being really honest about my own struggles…

Demi Lovato’s ‘Give Your Heart A Break’ Teaser Trailer #2!

I honestly loooovee Demi Lovato! I’m a total Lovatic, so I get super excited when she has a new song, album, show, music video or pretty much anything coming out! She just posted this second teaser for her new music video “Give Your Heart A Break” that will be aired on E! & E! Online… More »

Thought #4: Christofer Drew Quote

Question of the Day: What things do you believe in that others don’t?

I suppose that by using the word “believe” I also mean “faith.” They both kind of mean the same thing. Language is weird. I believe in language and it’s total ability to mess…

Demi Lovato Shows She’s Got ‘Faith’… In a Brand New Tattoo!

With all that she has been through this year, Demi Lovato sure has faith… and she’s not afraid to show it off! The 19-year-old actress/singer/inspiration-to-all believes in faith so much she wears…

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