10 Bizarre Fake Eyelashes!

A few days ago I saw a picture of a model at a fashion show with the most bizzare fake eyelashes! And when I say fake, I mean – REALLY FAKE. I’ll post that particular picture at the end of this gallery, so make sure to check that one out because it’ll definitely suprirse you…. More »

GIVEAWAY! WINKS False Eyelashes

Spring has sprung + Sparkly Proms + Summer Weddings are right around the corner! I want to help you look your very best with some FREE False eyelashes from my darling friends at WINKS By Georgie. A few months ago my fellow blogger + bestie from Loftisssays turned me onto this awesome company. They make… More »

My Favorite Prom Dresses!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Dress up, updo’s and fake eyelashes! Prom, prom, prom, prom. There is all kinds of pressure at prom, to look and be your best. But take it from me- you can totally relax. First of all, I went to prom alone (semi-with a dude from my drama… More »

Insane Eyelash Art

I am absolutely in love with Lash Art at the moment and it is getting better by the day!

Check out these photos I found of some very cool looks:


Eyelash Galore

Just got a big box of eyelashes in the mail! My addiction is being fed and I can’t wait to try them! Im going to do eyelash give away soon since I love them so much

Photo Diary Philly Love


Jstar RAZORSHARP hoodie out now!!!

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