Hot Or Not? Britney Spears With New Curly & Short Hair

Britney Spears in these last days is busy with X Factor auditions in San Francisco, CA. She appeared curly with no extensions in her hair, showing its real lenght reminding a lot to her “Circus” music video What do you think about this new look? Hot or Not? RELATED: Who Wore It Better? Britney Spears… More »



Extension Tips

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A lot of you guys have been asking me what kinda extensions I use! I prefer this new method called invisable…

11 Horrible Celebrity Hair Slip-Ups

On most days celebrities have quite envious hair, but just like us common folk sometimes celebrities have slip ups with their extensions/wigs. 

Take a peek at some horrible celebrity hair moments and…

Clip-in Hair Extentions: ARTIFICIAL vs. REAL


When dealing with extensions, which is better to purchase: ARTIFICIAL or REAL?

(NOTE: ‘Artificial hair extentsions’ may also be called ‘Synthetic hair extentsions)

Personally, I prefer REAL because they’re easier to manage. And if you have…

How To: Feather Hair Extensions

“How to do FEATHER HAIR EXTENSIONS” by kandeejohnson

Guess What Im Doing Today…

Rainbow hair! Im kinda scared but so excited! New hair color + new extensions! Wish me luck xo

Mary Kate Olsen’s Extensions

If this doesn’t make a girl feel better about wearing fake hair I don’t know what will. Love her, tracks showing or not.

Seems that clip ins are her hair of choice…


Katy Perry Rainbow Hair Extensions

Katy Perry was seen rocking some rainbow hair extensions yesterday…I like it but i think she needs some more throughout the hair! Speaking of streaks…i might have gotten board…

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